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Get Peace. Get Tableau Support.

Have a Tableau question? Send us an email. We provide Tableau Consulting and Guidance on Certification queries, Logical scenarios you might encounter during a college assignment, or that challenging Office project. Get your work done faster with our help. In today’s rapidly changing landscape, it is helpful to have someone by your side to support you. Help you talk through various analytical scenarios, with a different perspective. Instead of working alone, share your Tableau queries with us. Immerse in new ideas and different approaches.

Tableau Support Price

The cost of the Tableau Support Monthly Plan is $60 per month. The Tableau Support Yearly Plan is $450 per year, i.e. only $37 per month. Your personal Support Team now helps you accelerate in your Tableau career. Feel free to reach out if you have any queries. We respond to every email within 36-48 hours with our analysis and guidance. We are also continuously upgrading our skillsets, so eager to satisfy you with any latest cutting-edge scenarios that you might encounter. We are not affiliated with Tableau. We are a motivated dynamic team of certified Tableau Professionals.

Tableau Support Experience

The most popular types of questions we get from our SUbscribed Members are for help regarding Dashboards in their Professional environment. Many of the questions focus on Level of Detail expressions, and various interactive customizations related to Stories and Dashboards. Sometimes when exchanging emails our enriching discussion gives rise to an interesting solution. With our experts, we help you get what you want and engage in detailed conversations, thus providing you the tools and thoughts to move forward. We love to have someone to brainstorm with, even when we might be professionals working for years. We are delighted to have you with us as we learn and grow together!

Tableau Practice Test

The best Tableau practice exams built. Period. Explore definitive practical problems created by brilliant Tableau experts.