Writing Submission

Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.


Step 1 – Quality

We are looking for creative articles on various Tableau concepts, chart types, dashboards, use cases, and implementation practices. Once you are ready with your article, verify your content in Grammarly. Ideally, we would expect no red highlights by the quality checker.

Step 2 – In-Depth

Verify if your content is at least 1500 words. Detailed explanations and schematic representations are essential for a clear understanding of complex topics. Ensure your article has one or more diagrams and screenshots.

Make short paragraphs of no more than 5 sentences, and sometimes even an occasional one-sentence paragraph is fine. If you feel or if you are in doubt if you should edit a portion for enhanced clarity, in most cases you should. The reader will always find it harder to read your content than you.

Last but not least, use heading or sub-headings after every 10-15 sentences. No one wants to read a long block of text or several small blocks of text with no intuitive feel of context. Headings should clearly depict what the following content is about.

Step 3 – Originality

Verify your content in Plagiarism Detector. The expected Unique score is at least 95%. Plagiarism red flags due to accidental content matches with unrelated sites, or when quoting a few words from a leading site, is okay.

Step 4 – Submission

Let us know here when you’re ready and we’ll let you know next steps.

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Get inspired

Tableau is an ever-expanding world of beautiful concepts and implementations. We advise to check out the Data School blog for inspiration and ideas.

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Share stories

Create Tableau Visuals, and share detailed walkthroughs of their benefits, challenges, comparisons, use-cases, concepts, best practices, and more.


Thank you for the opportunity to help me grow while exploring my skills with data visualization and Tableau. The fact that I love Tableau makes this even better.

Jane C.

Tableau has always been so much fun for me. Putting it into words was as exciting since I had to read more and kept learning along the way.

Mark D.

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