Tableau Mobile 101 – 8 Features And Benefits Of Tableau Mobile

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Things are getting remote and so do the businesses. Most business software and apps aren’t available on mobile. You don’t have your laptop or desktop everywhere with you but you might need to urgently check your dashboard. What will you do then? Tableau Mobile is a solution to this.

It’s an app to assist Tableau users and allow them to access their data on mobile devices. Let’s look at the benefits and features of Tableau Mobile that can help you increase your business productivity.

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Tableau Mobile 101 - 8 Features And Benefits Of Tableau Mobile
Tableau Mobile 101 – 8 Features And Benefits Of Tableau Mobile

What is Tableau Mobile?

Tableau Mobile is an app developed by Tableau that runs on Android and iOS devices. It’s designed to work with Tableau Server, allowing users to view, analyze and share data from their iPad or phone. Tableau Mobile is a powerful tool for business users and self-service data analysts. It lets you connect to live data in real-time using your phone or tablet device. You can set up alerts, create custom visualizations, and share insights with others from anywhere.

Tableau mobile app

How to Sign Into Your Server Using Tableau Mobile?

You can use Tableau Mobile in the same way as Tableau Desktop, and you don’t need to sign in to a server or create an account before using it. To sign in to your server using Tableau Mobile, you must use the same username and password you use to sign in to the desktop.  If this information is unavailable, you can still follow these steps. Tableau Mobile is a great tool for accessing your Tableau Server data on the go.

You can sign in to your server using Tableau mobile by following these steps:

1) Open the app and tap ‘Sign In.’

2) Select ‘Server’ from the list of options.

3) Enter your username, password, and server address. Then tap ‘Sign In.’

4) That’s it you’ve successfully signed in to Tableau mobile.

Sign in to tableau mobile

Why Do You Need Tableau Mobile?

Tableau Mobile is a free app that allows you to access your data on your mobile. It’s the perfect solution for any organization looking to maximize its data visualization efforts. It’s designed for users who need to analyze their data anywhere and anytime without reaching out to their laptop or PC. It’s also for new customers who want to get started with Tableau before purchasing a license. The app is designed to be easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere.

Tableau Mobile provides a quick and easy way to access your data without downloading the full desktop version of Tableau software. That means you can check out some insights during a sales call or create dashboards for your team that everyone can use at their desk or in an offsite meeting. You can also use the app offline, which means that you can use it in situations where there is no internet connection available.

All these things help in saving time and effort and thus increase your business productivity. 

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Should You Invest in Tableau?

Tableau is a great tool for visualizing data. It also has features to help you explore, analyze, and visualize your data on the fly. This means that it’s an excellent fit for small datasets (under 100 GB) because you can easily deal with them in Tableau Desktop and publish them as dashboards through Tableau Server.

However, if you have a large dataset that needs to be processed before it can be analyzed in Tableau, then it may not be the best choice for you unless it is all coming from one source such as SQL Server or MySQL database server.

Tableau also lacks some advanced analytics capabilities in tools like SAS/SPSS Analytics, but if this doesn’t bother you, then don’t worry about it. You can use Tableau Mobile with Tableau Server on-premises and Tableau Server in the cloud. It’s Tableau Online.

Tableau Mobile requires version 9.0 or later of Tableau Desktop. When you launch a workbook from your device’s browser or another app that supports embedded links, the open web page will include an option to tableau’s install the latest version of the Tableau mobile app for your platform.

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8 Features and Benefits of Tableau Mobile

Tableau mobile is a great tool for remotely accessing your data and dashboards. It’s easy to use, fast and secure. You can use it on any mobile device, and it has all the attributes you need to make your data more accessible. Let’s look at the 8 most important features and benefits of Tableau Mobile. 

1.    Custom Dashboards

Tableau Mobile allows you to create custom dashboards, which is pretty neat. You can create a dashboard in Tableau Desktop and then publish it to Tableau Mobile, or you can directly use the mobile app to create a dashboard from scratch.

The process of creating your custom dashboard involves four basic steps:

  • Selecting data sources and connecting them
  • Creating visualizations that tell the story of your data (e.g., graphs, maps and charts)
  • Adding labels, filters or other relevant details on top of your visualizations, so people can understand what they mean (e.g., highlighting a particular region)
  • Formatting how all these things work together (e.g., setting up a filter bar where users can adjust their query parameters)

2.    Secure Cloud Deployment

Tableau Mobile is a secure cloud deployment. It uses the same authentication and authorization model as Tableau Server, so there are no additional usernames or passwords to manage for users who already have accounts on your company’s server. In addition, Tableau Mobile uses the same encryption and security protocols as Tableau Server – making it easy to protect your data wherever it goes.

3.    Offline Operation

Tableau Mobile allows you to work offline and still create and edit dashboards. You can view dashboards, interact with them, and refresh data while working offline. However, you cannot publish or share dashboards while disconnected from the Internet.

Features and benefits of Tableau Mobile


4.    The Native Mobile Touch Experience

Tableau Mobile is built for touch. It’s native to the most popular mobile operating systems and works on any device, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers. You can use it with any browser, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or getting locked into a proprietary system.

5.    Interactivity and Navigation

Tableau Mobile is easy to use. The app enables you to interact with the data on your phone the same way you would if it were on your desktop, right down to the same keyboard shortcuts. You can also navigate between views and drill up/down into fields as if you were working in Tableau Desktop.

The app is pretty fast. Everything happens on-device, so you don’t have to wait for web pages or images to load or send lots of requests over the Internet, slowing things down. It’s super responsive too because it runs natively on iOS or Android devices—no need for an external plugin.

6.    Security

Your data stays safe behind industry-standard encryption technology when downloaded from or uploaded onto Tableau’s servers (this only happens when saving/loading). Your account information stored locally is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption. So no one can access it without your pass code; even if someone gets hold of your phone, they won’t be able to see what’s inside unless they brute force their way through multiple layers first.

And the best yet, there are no limits when using Tableau Mobile, which means they don’t restrict how much data users upload into their account through this platform like other analytics providers do!

7.    Platform-Specific Functionality (ex. ios, Android)

Tableau Mobile is built for the specific capabilities of each platform. It has a native app for iOS and Android to take advantage of those platforms’ features. Tableau Mobile is a cloud-based solution you can access from any web browser; unlike other enterprise tools, it is not a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.

Benefits and features of Tableau mobile

8.    Easy To Use and Fast

As a tool for data visualization, Tableau Mobile is the perfect solution. Using this software is fast and easy. It allows users to create interactive dashboards and share them across multiple devices in real time. This mobility feature lets you present your findings on the go without needing to download anything or access a desktop computer.

In a nutshell:

Tableau mobile is an app developed by Tableau for providing the desktop experience on mobile to their users. It has many features that make this possible, including interactive dashboards and offline functionality. Tableau Mobile is a free app that lets you connect and interact with your Tableau Server data on your phone or tablet. You can use it to explore, analyze, and share your data. These are the 8 benefits of Tableau Mobile that we just discussed,

  1. Custom dashboards
  2. Secure cloud deployment
  3. Offline operation
  4. The native mobile touch experience
  5. Interactivity and navigation
  6. Security
  7. Platform specific functionality
  8. Easy to use and fast

You can sign in to the app with your account credentials or with a guest account if you don’t have access rights to the data you want to use.

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