Tableau Creator License Sharing


The Tableau Creator License is expensive and can cost close to a hundred USD per user per month. Sometimes in a business scenario it might become beneficial if it is possible to share a license, for example for a team of 3-5 members without having to buy a Tableau Creator License for each individual member of the team.

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Tableau Creator License is essential for Data Analytics systems

Tableau Core-based Licensing Model

Here we have to understand that it is a core-based licensing model. There is no restriction on the number of users, but instead on how many cores we deploy Tableau. The pricing mentioned above will not be worth it for 3-5 member team, but if we are doing an installation with a large number of viewers, it will look more realistic and feasible.

Tableau Product Keys

We also have to remember that if it is about not wanting to mess around with product keys, we can use login-based license management to get one product key. Then assign seats to people when they log in. But we would still need the number of seats so that we can match our users. Creator seats for each creator, and accordingly viewer seats for each viewer.

Tableau Subscription Pricing Factors

The Tableau Core Subscription pricing starts at about close to a hundred thousand dollars per year for an 8-core or more. It also does not cover Creator. Hence it would provide opportunity for unlimited Tableau Explorers. Also there would not be an issue of a product key per user with explorers/viewers. We cannot dynamically assign Tableau licenses at login time. For example, for 25,000 potential users we would need to buy 25,000 Tableau Explorer licenses since any user is allowed access but not everyone uses it. The grant role for sign in works for Tableau Explorers and even Tableau Viewers. It is indeed interesting to see the different business scenarios and how best we can provide a custom solution to each of them.

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