How to Plot Multiple Values in One Chart?


Tableau allows users to plot multiple measures in one chart. Such an approach is helpful in comparative study. Businesses can measure and visually compare different key metrics using a multiple values chart. Such visual representations help make important decisions. Good analysis is possible with multiple measures in a single view.

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Tableau Plot Multiple Values in One Chart

Steps to Plot Multiple Values in One Chart

The below workbook consists of multiple values plotted in a single Tableau Chart. Download the dynamic Tableau workbook and use it for any dataset to plot multiple measures. The approach is highly effective in helping compare multiple metrics. Multiple values in a single chart helps businesses effectively analyze the business data.

Engage in advanced Tableau analytics by combining more than one measure for plotting. How do different metrics compare? Is there any relation between them? Can we visually put them in a single view? Can Tableau Desktop plot multiple metrics? This flexible and intuitive workbook has everything that you will need.

Why Plot Multiple Values in One Chart

Why would businesses use Tableau to plot multiple values in one chart? The reason being Tableau Desktop is a very robust tool. Hence data visualization is extremely effective. Thus plotting multiple measures helps perform comparative study. For examples relation between Sales and Profit for different dimensions. Or similar other metrics over time. Such type of study helps businesses analyze and make effective decisions. We can avoid creating separate charts. When we plot multiple values in a single chart it can be interpreted easily. Senior executives who are not familiar with with lot of data can easily derive insights from such visuals. Important business decisions can be derived by analyzing and working upon such analysis. Thus Tableau provides an effective tool to plot multiple measures in a single chart.

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