How to Create Radial Column Chart?


Tableau Radial Column Chart is used to share measurements of different categories in a radial plane. The length of each bar along the circle represents a value of the category. Radial Bar Charts are an enhanced version a Bar Chart with an aesthetic view. A flashy circular visual with comprehensively detailed bars depicting each category of measurement. Tableau Desktop Radial Column Chart is a very useful tool.

Tableau Radial Column Chart Guide
Tableau Radial Column Chart

Steps to Create a Radial Column Chart

Create a Radial Column Chart in Tableau Desktop by following the approach below. Our expert Tableau Certified Professionals have delicately crafted this Radial Column Chart that can be dynamically used for any dataset. Download the Tableau Desktop Radial Column Chart Workbook below and instantly explore the logics. Master the skill to create insightful charts in a radial plane and measure multiple categories.

Tableau Radial Column Chart

The Tableau Radial Column Chart Workbook can be used to create Radial Column Chart for any categorical datasets. Use the Tableau Desktop Radial Column Chart above to explore and learn the logics used. Advanced Tableau calculations enable you to use a Radial Column Chart in different scenarios. Most of the business datasets consist of different categories which needs to be measured. A visually effective way in Tableau Desktop comes handy with a Radial Column Chart.

Why Create a Radial Column Chart

A Radial Column Chart is useful in a variety of scenarios to create visually stunning dashboards. Tableau Desktop provides impressive features to create Radial Charts. A Radial Column Chart helps to show measurement of different categorical values in a polar plane. A standard Bar Chart provides similar features but a Radial Column Chart uses a Polar system. The visuals if effectively implemented by a Radial Column Chart can create highly impressive analytical charts. The robust capabilities of Tableau Desktop can be fully explored in a Radial Column Chart.

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