How to Create Parameter for Top N Items?


In a business scenario, measuring performance of various products is an important and regular activity. How to find the Top 10 Products? Or how to find the Top N Items for any particular category? It is a key metric to identify how a business is performing. The leadership can assess and plan accordingly to make key decisions based on what the analytics show.

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Tableau Parameters to Find Top N Items

Steps to Create Tableau Parameter for Top N

Let’s say we have a table with the dimension Product Name and the corresponding total Sales for each Product. We want to see the Top N Products by Sales using a Parameter. We want to be able to interact with the parameter and decide the value of N at our convenience. How can we achieve this in Tableau? How can we create such a Tableau Parameter that can allow us to interact with it and provide a flexible value of Top N items?

Tableau Parameter to find Top N Items

As we see here, first Drag the dimension which we want to find the Top N for and place it in Filters. Then go to the ’Top’ tab, and under ’By field’, select ‘Create a New Parameter’. Give the Parameter a name. Mention how many Top items you want to view, i.e. Top 5 or Top 10 etc. On the left pane in Parameters, right click on the Parameter and choose ’Show Parameter’. Now you can interactively choose using a Parameter how many Top N items you want in your analysis.

Why Create a Tableau Top N Parameter

A Tableau Parameter is very helpful in adding interactivity to a report or dashboard. It helps to analyze the data with the flexibility to find any number of Top N items. Example the Top 5 Products by Sales, or the Top 10 Products by Profit, or the Top 10 States by highest Products sold, or the Top 2 students with highest average marks who qualified for a scholarship. Using a Tableau Parameter, thus we can add powerful features to our Tableau analysis and achieve greater insights from our data.

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