How to Create Donut Chart?


Tableau Donut Chart is an improved version of a Pie Chart. A Donut Chart enhances readability of a part to whole relationship. Each segment or category can be color coded with the size of their values. A donut chart shows the proportions of categorical data. Tableau Desktop can be used to efficiently create Donut Chart and analyze categorical data. Discover business insights with robust Tableau Donut Charts.

Tableau Donut Chart
Tableau Donut Chart Guide

Steps to Create a Donut Chart

Create a Donut Chart similar to the below. Our Expert Tableau Professionals have carefully crafted this stunning Donut Chart. Use a Donut Chart to measure any form of categorical data as pr your business need. Engage in interactive Donut Chart analysis and derive insights. Download the Tableau Donut Chart Workbook below and start exploring.

Tableau Donut Chart

The Tableau Donut Chart workbook is ready to use instantly. Incorporate the Donut Chart into your business case with any dataset. Instantly start exploring part to whole relationships of categorical data using Tableau Desktop. Understand how different segments combine together and form a whole. Improve your business by knowing which metrics perform how. With deeper insights the possibility to make better decisions increases.

Why Create a Donut Chart

A Donut Chart is useful in various cases to show part to whole relationships. Different proportions of categorical data can be schematically represented using Tableau Desktop. With Pie Chart features and using advanced Tableau visualization techniques, a Donut Chart is an efficient data analysis tool. Analyze complex datasets with multiple categories and segments to effectively assess the performance of a business. Donut Chart is more visually aesthetic than a Pie Chart. The arcs and slices are more readable with only required visible filled sections. The empty hole also provides more area to add additional information and labels as needed. Overall a Donut Chart enables a clean aesthetic visualization appeal in the data analysis world.

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