How to Calculate the First Transaction of Each Customer?


Finding the first transaction like Sales of Each Customer is useful in many scenarios. Businesses might want to know when they first acquired a customer. We can then measure how many times a customer purchased since the first time. This helps measure the performance of a business. We may also find how many first customers from a past year came to do business with us this year.

Tableau First Customer Transaction Insights for Successful Business
Tableau First Customer Transaction Insights for Successful Business

Steps to Identify the First Transaction of Each Customer

We can show the First Transaction Date and Sales Amount for Each Customer as shown below. Our Tableau experts have created the perfect formula to achieve this result. The data will be returned for all customers, and we can adjust the fields and columns as per our need. Thus it is very helpful in getting more insights from the data of business customers.

Use the Tableau Workbook above to explore the logic crafted by our Tableau Certified Professionals. It will return the data as shown above. Thus you will be able to identify the first Transaction Date of any metric for each customer. Also you will be able to find the Transaction Amount of that First Transaction for every Customer.

Why Identify the First Transaction of Each Customer

We might wonder why do we need to identify the first transaction of each customer. Or why should be calculate the first sales value of every customer. This is because we can use this information to derive further insights for our business. We can identify which customers are loyal. And if there is any pattern which is driving customer loyalty. Businesses can then focus more on the specific tasks which improved customer loyalty and experience. Knowing the customer is good for the business. With more knowledge, we can make better decisions. Thus helping improve the overall business experience.

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