How to Add a Filter to a Dashboard?


Tableau Dashboards are important for businesses to visually understand the data. Interactive features of dashboards allow Tableau users to gain insights of the data for various different scenarios. Tableau provides a range of features of flexible techniques by which users can add intelligent customizations and filters to the Tableau dashboards.

Tableau Dashboard Add a Filter
Tableau Dashboard Add a Filter

Steps to Add a Filter in Tableau Dashboard

We may be presented with a business scenario where we have a Dashboard showing the business data. We then want to add filters in the Tableau Dashboard. How can we add the filters in a Tableau Dashboard? The steps to add a Filter in a Tableau Dashboard are explained below. In the Tableau Dashboard, select the sheet for which we want to add a Filter. Then use the exact Dropdown as shown below to proceed with the next steps.

Tableau Add Filter to a Dashboard Complete Guide

Why Add a Tableau Dashboard Filter

In a Tableau Dashboard, it is very useful to have a filter that we can use to filter the data as and when we want. Based on the different dimensions, adding filters to a Tableau Dashboard can make it powerful enough to derive insights without creating multiple reports or components. Tableau Dashboard Filters can be added in a variety of ways for different dimensions and metrics to add customization ability for the Dashboard users.

Tips on Adding Tableau Dashboard Filter

It is also important to note that based on the filters applied in a Tableau Dashboard, there can be a variety of performance observations and smooth functioning of a Tableau Dashboard. In such cases it is important to follow the Tableau best practices in designing and creating the Tableau Dashboards. Some lag is okay, but for several seconds if a Dashboard is not responsive, it will need to be improved. Tableau Dashboard Filters are an extremely useful tool but it is always advisable to use them as per the latest best Tableau Visualization practices.

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