How can you start a career in Tableau?

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Tableau is a popular and widely used data visualization and analytics platform that enables users to explore, analyze, and communicate their data in a visual and intuitive way. Tableau is used by various industries and organizations, such as business, education, healthcare, government, and more, to gain insights and value from their data, and to support their decision making and problem solving.

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Plan for a Tableau Career
Plan for a Tableau Career

Tableau is also a valuable and in-demand skill for data professionals, such as data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, data architects, and more, who use Tableau to perform and present their data analysis and projects. Therefore, starting a Tableau career can be a rewarding and lucrative choice for anyone who is interested in data and analytics.

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Here are some of the steps and tips on how to start a Tableau career:

  • Learn the basics of Tableau: The first step to start a Tableau career is to learn the basics of Tableau, such as how to install and navigate Tableau, how to connect to and prepare data sources, how to create and customize visualizations, how to build and share dashboards, stories, and presentations, and how to use various Tableau features and functions. There are various resources and ways to learn Tableau, such as online courses, tutorials, videos, books, blogs, podcasts, and more. Some of the recommended resources are:

  – The Tableau website, which offers free and paid online courses, webinars, tutorials, videos, and documentation for users of all levels and backgrounds. Users can also access the Tableau eLearning platform, which provides interactive and self-paced courses and certifications for Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder.
  – The Tableau Community, which offers forums, blogs, and user groups for users to connect and collaborate with other Tableau enthusiasts. The community also hosts various events and initiatives, such as the Tableau User Groups, the Tableau Ambassadors, the Tableau Public Viz of the Day, and the Tableau Community Challenges, which encourage users to share their knowledge, feedback, and creativity with the Tableau community.
  – The Tableau Public, which is a free platform that allows users to publish and share their Tableau visualizations with the public. Users can also explore and learn from thousands of Tableau visualizations created by other users, and download and modify them for their own use.

  • Practice and apply Tableau skills: The second step to start a Tableau career is to practice and apply Tableau skills, such as data analysis, data visualization, data storytelling, and data communication, using real-world data and scenarios. Users can also create and showcase their Tableau portfolio, which can demonstrate their Tableau skills and projects to potential employers and clients. There are various sources and ways to practice and apply Tableau skills, such as online platforms, competitions, datasets, and more. Some of the recommended sources are:

  – The Tableau Public Gallery, which features a collection of Tableau visualizations created by other users, covering various topics, such as sports, health, politics, education, and more. Users can explore and learn from these visualizations, and also download and modify them for their own use.
  – The Tableau Public Viz of the Day, which showcases a Tableau visualization created by a user every day, highlighting its design, analysis, and story. Users can also subscribe to the Viz of the Day email, which delivers a Tableau visualization to their inbox every day, and also participate in the Viz of the Day contest, which invites users to create their own Tableau visualization based on a given theme or dataset, and submit it for a chance to be featured as the Viz of the Day.
  – The Tableau Community Challenges, which are monthly or weekly challenges that invite users to create and share their Tableau visualizations based on a given theme, dataset, or task. Users can also view and learn from the submissions and feedback of other users, and also vote for their favorite Tableau visualizations.
  – The Kaggle, which is an online platform that hosts various data science and machine learning competitions, datasets, courses, and forums. Users can participate in the competitions, which involve solving real-world data problems using various tools and techniques, such as Tableau, and also win prizes and recognition. Users can also access and use the datasets, which cover various domains and topics, such as business, health, social, and more, to create and share their Tableau visualizations and analysis.

  • Network and connect with Tableau professionals: The third step to start a Tableau career is to network and connect with Tableau professionals, such as data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, and data architects.

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