How to Calculate the First Transaction of Each Customer?

Background Finding the first transaction like Sales of Each Customer is useful in many scenarios. Businesses might want to know when they first acquired a customer. We can then measure how many times a customer purchased since the first time. This helps measure the performance of a business. We may also find how many firstContinue reading “How to Calculate the First Transaction of Each Customer?”

How to Create Stacked Bar Chart with Multiple Measures?

Background Stacked Bar Charts are very useful in providing insights from the data. We can add multiple measures in a Stacked Bar Chart. As a result, it provides a part to whole relationship visually. Thus we can see individual parts forming a whole clearly in a Stacked Bar Chart. Thus businesses of all types canContinue reading “How to Create Stacked Bar Chart with Multiple Measures?”

How to Calculate a Specific Percentage Change Compared to Previous Month?

Background Business often need to identify specific data points which are a certain percentage above or below a threshold value. Comparison is often done between different periods. For example, we may want to see which months had Sales more than 20% compared to previous month. We can achieve this in Tableau. We can also measureContinue reading “How to Calculate a Specific Percentage Change Compared to Previous Month?”

How to Calculate the First Monday of the Month?

Background The first Monday of a month is important for several reasons. It may not be the first working day of a month. But often many businesses schedule customized activities that needs to happen on the First Monday of the Month. We may also need to gather key insights from the data generated on theContinue reading “How to Calculate the First Monday of the Month?”

How to Create Parameter for Top N Items?

Background In a business scenario, measuring performance of various products is an important and regular activity. How to find the Top 10 Products? Or how to find the Top N Items for any particular category? It is a key metric to identify how a business is performing. The leadership can assess and plan accordingly toContinue reading “How to Create Parameter for Top N Items?”

How to Create Running Total?

Background Using Tableau, we have to find the Running Total for a set of metric or metrics. This is a very common business scenario because Running Total in Tableau gives a crystal clear view of how a business is performing for that metric. Since Running Total uses a few values from the previous periods asContinue reading “How to Create Running Total?”

How to Add a Filter to a Dashboard?

Background Tableau Dashboards are important for businesses to visually understand the data. Interactive features of dashboards allow Tableau users to gain insights of the data for various different scenarios. Tableau provides a range of features of flexible techniques by which users can add intelligent customizations and filters to the Tableau dashboards. Steps to Add aContinue reading “How to Add a Filter to a Dashboard?”

How to Calculate Moving Average?

Background Moving Average in Tableau is one of the most useful metrics used to analyze various metrics of the business data. A Moving Average provides at a glimpse of how the specific metric is performing with time. Based on our need, we can customize how many specific months or weeks we can consider to calculateContinue reading “How to Calculate Moving Average?”

Tableau Slow Dashboards Tips

Background A business scenario can arise where for example the Tableau Dashboards are running slowly. The Tableau Server is in Australia, the clients who run the Tableau Dashboards are in Europe where they experience a lag in the initial load of the Tableau Dashboard. How can we improve the speed without getting a Tableau ServerContinue reading “Tableau Slow Dashboards Tips”

Tableau Complex Calculations using Smaller Simple Calculations

Background A question often comes to mind of a Tableau developer when creating a large complex calculation, should I create one big complex calculated field? Or should I create several simple calculated fields to do the same thing? Both has their pros and cons, it can also vary based on the different business scenarios. ButContinue reading “Tableau Complex Calculations using Smaller Simple Calculations”