How to Plot Multiple Values in One Chart?

Background Tableau allows users to plot multiple measures in one chart. Such an approach is helpful in comparative study. Businesses can measure and visually compare different key metrics using a multiple values chart. Such visual representations help make important decisions. Good analysis is possible with multiple measures in a single view. Steps to Plot MultipleContinue reading “How to Plot Multiple Values in One Chart?”

How to Create Span Chart?

Background A Tableau Span Chart helps to display dataset ranges between a minimum value and a maximum value. Businesses of all sizes can benefit immensely from a Span Chart that helps interpret key metrics. A Span Chart is also one of the most fundamental techniques we teach data visualization students due to it’s flexibility. AContinue reading “How to Create Span Chart?”

How to Create Thermometer Chart?

Background A Thermometer Chart helps to measure the actual value of a well-defined measure. It provides a visual representation of the actual value as compared to a target value, for example the progress of a particular task. A Thermometer Chart is also often described as the linear version of a Gauge Chart. Tableau Desktop providesContinue reading “How to Create Thermometer Chart?”

How to Create Pareto Chart?

Background Vilfredo Pareto is a noted Italian economist introduced the concept of Pareto efficiency and helped develop the field of microeconomics. The Pareto principle was named after Vilfredo Pareto. It was built on his observations that 80% of the wealth in Italy belonged to 20% of the population. This can be applied in many otherContinue reading “How to Create Pareto Chart?”

How to Create Radial Bar Chart?

Background Tableau Radial Bar Chart is a visually aesthetic form of a Bar Chart. The values of different categories can be beautifully demonstrated using a Radial Bar Chart. The lengths of each arc depict the magnitude of the values. There are various use cases in which we can use Tableau Desktop to create Radial BarContinue reading “How to Create Radial Bar Chart?”

How to Create Radial Column Chart?

Background Tableau Radial Column Chart is used to share measurements of different categories in a radial plane. The length of each bar along the circle represents a value of the category. Radial Bar Charts are an enhanced version a Bar Chart with an aesthetic view. A flashy circular visual with comprehensively detailed bars depicting eachContinue reading “How to Create Radial Column Chart?”

How to Create Donut Chart?

Background Tableau Donut Chart is an improved version of a Pie Chart. A Donut Chart enhances readability of a part to whole relationship. Each segment or category can be color coded with the size of their values. A donut chart shows the proportions of categorical data. Tableau Desktop can be used to efficiently create DonutContinue reading “How to Create Donut Chart?”

How to Create Gauge Chart?

Background Tableau Gauge Chart is a popular visualization to show quantitative measurement of a metric in a speedometer fashion. A Gauge Chart is visually attractive. Using a Gauge Chart in Tableau Desktop helps businesses analyze different metrics visually. The speedometer helps understand the progress or value of a business metric. Multiple Gauge Charts in aContinue reading “How to Create Gauge Chart?”

How to Create Waterfall Chart?

Background Tableau Waterfall Charts are useful in showing the journey from an initial value to a final value. On it’s way, how does the value increase or decrease? By how much does the variations occur on it’s way? Knowledge of these details helps understand the performance of a business metric. A Tableau Waterfall Chart usingContinue reading “How to Create Waterfall Chart?”

How to Create Stacked Bar Chart?

Background Stacked Bar Charts are a variation of the standard Bar Chart. We can show how a bar is formed by showing the individual portions. We can call them as categories that form the entire bar. The colors make it easy to understand the visual. Thus we can create a visual for any measure toContinue reading “How to Create Stacked Bar Chart?”