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Organization: Tableau Practice Test

Compensation: $60/month – $300/month

Job Type: Temporary

Job Description: We are looking for creative articles on various Tableau Concepts, Data Analytics Use Cases, Tutorial Videos, Interview Tips, Spokesperson Videos, Visualization Best Practices, One-on-One Videos where you discuss data analytics with an expert or peer. We thrive in adding energy and value to the Data Analytics Community #datafam. The content quality and guidelines are here, along with a resources section to explore and get ideas from. There is no fixed topic that will be assigned. There is no minimum or maximum number of articles to be delivered per month.

Benefits Provided: Remote work, Tuition and Learning assistance.

Mandatory: Introduce yourself to the Hiring Manager for your CV to be considered for this content creator position. Schedule a Meeting with the Hiring Manager above.

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Apply for Tableau Content Creator and Blogger Role

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Banking & Financial Dataset Analysis

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